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10 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) Data Pools are GS1-Certified

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Major Milestone Achieved in Ensuring GDSN’s Reliability

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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, January 11, 2005 – EAN International (to be renamed GS1) announced today that 10 Data Pools and the GS1 Global Registry successfully passed the GDSN Interoperability Certification test round completed on December 17, 2004.

The GDSN, conceived and supported by EAN International, the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC to become GS1 US), and leading companies and industry groups worldwide, is a global, Internet-based initiative that will enable trading partners to quickly and efficiently exchange supply chain data that is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with universally supported EAN.UCC System standards.

The GDSN Interoperability Certification began on Oct. 29, 2004, and was conducted by Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), a leading interoperability and conformance testing company. For a data pool to be successful in the certification process, they had to demonstrate full interoperability with all other participating data pools and the GS1 Global Registry using DGI’s Interoperability Compliance Process®, a robust interoperability process methodology. Data pools were measured against a set of development standards established by the GS1 GDSN Task Group as well as test plans and criteria defined by DGI.

DGI administered the testing in a neutral, cooperative and non-competitive environment and maintained strict vendor neutrality to assure integrity of the testing process. To ensure a seamless process, mandatory daily conference calls were run by DGI and the participating technical staff from the data pools and the GS1 people from GDSN Inc.

The GDSN Board of Directors of GDSN Inc. (formerly known as the GDSN Oversight Committee), which is composed of 18 senior executives from manufacturing, retailing, and EAN Member Organisations, supervised the process. GDSN Inc. is a new not for profit organization, 100% owned by GS1, who will lead the design and implementation of GDSN.

The initial group of data pools that have successfully completed the GDSN Interoperability Certification along with the GS1 Global Registry v1, release 12 includes: Click Commerce Data Pool v2.0 from Click Commerce, Inc.,

  • GS1 UK Data Pool v5.0 from e.centre,
  • ECCnet v5.0 from Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (ECCC), Data Pool Manager v5.0 from Global eXchange Services, Inc., Data.Cod v1.0 from GS1 Argentina,
  • CABASnet v2.0 from IAC Colombia,
  • SINFOS Data Pool Germany—Food/Non Food v4.1 from SINFOS GmbH, Transora Data Pool v5.0 from Transora,
  • UCCnetTM Data Pool Services v2.4 from UCCnetTM, and
  • WorldSYNC DX Release v3.2 from WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE).

The next GDSN Interoperability Certification is scheduled to take place in July 2005.

Commenting on the progress made on this phase of the GDSN launch, Miguel Lopera, the Chief Executive Officer of EAN International and the Uniform Code Council said, “With the certification process now up and running, GS1 can now guarantee that the data pools and the GS1 Global Registry conform rigorously to the EAN.UCC standards. This ensures that the reliability and security of the entire network is commercially credible.”


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