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22 Products Complete Drummond Certified AS2 3Q09 Interoperability Certification

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Chunked Transfer Encoding Testing Added, AS2 Restart Launched

Austin, TX. Dec 8, 2009. Drummond Group, the trusted interoperability test lab, today announced that 22 products completed the AS2-3Q09 Drummond Certified Interoperability testing. Companies include Axway, Boomi, Cleo Communications, EXTOL International, Inc., HP, IBM, Inovis, Lobster GmbH, /n Software Inc., nuBridges, Inc., SEEBURGER AG, Software AG, Sterling Commerce, and TIBCO Software Inc.

“This AS2 Interoperability certification test added Chunked Transfer Encoding testing and launched AS2 Restart,” says Rik Drummond, CEO of Drummond Group.” “Both are important and we see AS2 Restart for Very Large Messages as removing the last adoption obstacle, freeing AS2 to be adopted into industries that regularly exchange very large payloads.” Drummond Group recently announced that the AS2 Restart specification for the exchange of Very Large Messages has been submitted to IETF and several AS2 vendors have already signed up to support it. Chunked Transfer Encoding (CTE) testing was also added and was tested using Drummond Group’s patented InSitu(R) test automation technology. Axway, Cleo, EDS, Inovis, Seeburger and Sterling Commerce are the first companies to offer certified products with CTE.

To view the full list of products and version numbers, please visit the Drummond Group website at: AS2 3Q09 Interoperability Product Listing

A Drummond Certified test brings together the most recent and prior product versions and tests them as they would be used in production environments. This ensures that this group of AS2 products will seamlessly interoperate across the supply chain and distribution channels. The products undergo real-world test scenarios to demonstrate that they complied with a common level of interoperability, enabling them to effectively communicate out-of-the-box. Drummond Certified testing drastically reduces the potential troubleshooting efforts had they been deployed without this testing. Certification eliminates costly communication obstacles and facilitates efficient trading partner relationship as new products and new versions of products roll out into production.

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is the IETF RFC specification standard by which applications communicate all forms of data including EDI and XML over the Internet. Implementing AS2 enables users to connect, deliver and reply to data securely and reliably, saving money and adding flexibility and control on how the data is utilized or reported.

Interested in AS2 Restart? A Drummond Group webinar is planned December 9th at 11am CST. For details, please send email to

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