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Change Control

The Tripwire VIA suite delivers on IT security and compliance automation

IT security faces two distinct challenges: bridging the breach-to-detection gap and making sense of the vast quantity of data generated by a host of siloed security systems. The Tripwire® VIA™ suite helps them address both—without the cost and complexity associated with traditional IT security solutions.

Tripwire VIA solutions include:

  1. Tripwire® Enterprise for industry-leading configuration control
  2. Tripwire® Log Center for next-generation log and event management

Tripwire VIA solutions integrate out of the box, so IT security can prioritize—from a central console—the millions, if not billions of change, compliance, log and event data that the IT infrastructure generates each day. Tripwire VIA virtually eliminates the breach-to-detection gap by alerting you to changes that introduce risk or non-compliance when they relate to an event of interest. Tripwire VIA also lets IT dig into log activity data to see just what happened.

Tripwire VIA solutions work together to:

  • Immediately reveal events of interest that impact policy or threaten security by combining critical security data.
  • Support incident investigation with easy access to log and event data related to a file or configuration change.
  • Shed light on activity patterns and threats that might relate to specific changes.
  • Provide visibility to downstream impacts of a given change.
  • Enable instant audit logging across Tripwire Enterprise-monitored infrastructure.

No other solution on the market today gives this level of visibility into the security of the entire IT infrastructure, intelligence to make smart decisions faster, and automation to get more done.

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