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Drummond Certified AS2 Interoperability Test Serves Industry Needs with Optional Profile Testing

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RosettaNet Users Now have a Choice to Use Interoperable AS2 products for Messaging

Austin, TX — December 2, 2008 — Drummond Group Inc., the global leader of interoperability software testing and certification, announced today that the following companies have passed AS2 Interoperability certification in the third quarter of this year: Axway, Boomi, Cleo Communications, EDS an HP Company, EXTOL International, Inc., GXS Inc., IBM, Inovis, Microsoft, /n software inc., nuBridges, Inc., SEEBURGER AG, Sterling Commerce, and TIBCO Software Inc. These software vendors participated in a full matrix test event whereby all participants exchanged messages with all the participants to ensure interoperability.

AS2 Optional Profiles

The Drummond Certified® Program has developed Optional Profiles to address the needs of various industries which have specific business requirements they want certified in AS2 testing. Each of these Optional Profiles brings important added functionality to the AS2 products supporting these features. Although initiated by one industry, these profiles have cross industry use and are being adopted by other industry groups. The following companies have products that have certified on these Optional Profiles. Please visit the Drummond Group website for more information on these Optional Profiles and specific product names and versions from each company.

AS2 Reliability: Axway, Cleo, IBM, Inovis, Seeburger, Sterling Commerce

Certificate Exchange Messaging (CEM): Axway, Cleo, GXS, Inovis, Seeburger

Filename Preservation (FN): Axway, Cleo, EDS, GXS, IBM, Inovis, Microsoft, /n software, nuBridges, Seeburger, Tibco

FN with Duplicate Handling and Notification via MDN (FN-MDN): Cleo, GXS, Seeburger

Multiple Attachments (MA): Axway, Cleo, GXS, Inovis, Microsoft, /n software, nuBridges, Seeburger

FN for MA (FN-MA): Axway, Cleo, GXS, Inovis, Microsoft, /n software, Seeburger

AS2 Embraced by RosettaNet For Its Users

Drummond Group Inc. also welcomes the recent RosettaNet announcement this summer that it has completed validating its Multiple Messaging Service (MMS) which allows members looking to make the switch from RosettaNet Implementation Framework® (RNIF®) to MMS AS2. AS2 certified products are now being used to exchange RNET PIPs following the guidelines of the RNET MMS AS2 Profile.

“This most recent list of AS2 certified products are the most likely to be used in switching out RNIF to AS2 as they have proven to be interoperable by committing to interoperability testing on a continuous basis,” says Rik Drummond, CEO of Drummond Group Inc. “Interoperability certification is a critical link in the successful and dependable exchange of business to business transactions and continuous testing is a big part of that dependability. This confirms the continued value of AS2 technology and the Drummond AS2 certification process we facilitate with these companies.”

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