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Drummond Certified™ Program Introduces Reliability Testing for AS2 Software Certification

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AS2 is the “workhorse” of most Fortune 500 Internet messaging: safe, secure and reliable

AUSTIN, TX–Dec 11, 2007–Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), the global leader in B2B software certification, today announced the availability of 26 newly certified AS2 products from 19 software companies which have completed the Drummond Certified(TM) AS2-3Q07 Interoperability test.

A new profile was tested in this certification test, the AS2 Reliability Profile. Receiving duplicate invoices or duplicate purchases orders can wreak serious havoc with business operations. AS2 Reliability allows easy, upfront identification of duplicate messages such as invoices and purchase orders. This optional test is the first step in ensuring that the retry and resend operations do not result in the same payloads being submitted more than once thus insuring the delivery of business data. Companies looking to purchase AS2 software now have the choice of selecting AS2 products which have certified the Reliability Profile.

“The continued growth of AS2 and the industries that it serves is a testament to the Drummond Certified® Program and the value of certifying the interoperability of a community of production ready commercial off the shelf (COTS) products or services, says Rik Drummond, CEO, Drummond Group Inc. “Deciding on which messaging standard to choose can be a daunting task, but reviewing the attributes of Drummond Certified AS2 products with safe, reliable, agnostic and secure messaging may make that decision easier. The evolution and adoption has been made possible by early adopting industries and their respective profiles. AS2 continues to be the “workhorse” of most Fortune 500 Internet message exchange today.”

The Drummond Certified® Program has developed Optional Profiles to address the needs of various industries which have specific business requirements they want certified in AS2 functionality. Although initiated by one industry, these profiles have cross industry applications and are being adopted by other industry groups. A software buyer can review the AS2 product listings on the Drummond Group website to see which product has been certified for which profile.

The list of Initiating Industries and their respective AS2 Optional Profile now includes:

Financial Services Industry: Filename Preservation Profile is tested to retain the filename in AS2 message exchanges from the originating to receiving side and the Filename Preservation Profile with MDN Notifications which adds MDN specific notifications for error conditions when writing payloads.

Retail and Consumer Product Goods Industry: Certificate Exchange Messaging Profile is tested to automate the exchange and updating of certificates which are due to expire among trading partners. Also, theAS2 Reliability Profile is utilized to ensure that a message is received only once in transmission.

Petroleum Industry: Multiple Attachments Profile is used to exchange more than one attachment/payload in a single AS2 message exchange. The 19 companies demonstrating interoperability amongst their products in the AS2-3Q07 test round are: Axway, Boomi, Cleo Communications, Click Commerce, The Descartes Systems Group Inc., EDS, EXTOL International, GXS Inc., IBM, Inovis, LANSA Inc., /n software inc., nuBridges Inc., SEEBURGER AG, Software AG, Sterling Commerce, TIBCO Software Inc., Transentric, and Tumbleweed Communications Corp..

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