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Drummond Certified’s First AS3 Interoperability Certification for Very Large Message Exchange

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Seven Products Certified Exchange 1 Gig files

AUSTIN, TX – March 18, 2008 – Drummond Group Inc., the global leader in B2B software interoperability certification, today announced that 8 products have been certified interoperable on the AS3 standard. Axway, Cleo Communications, IBM, Inovis, nuBridges, Inc., and Sterling Commerce successfully submitted products which were officially certified in the AS3-1Q08 test round. This test round introduced for the first time an optional test, Very Large Message Exchange with payloads up to 1 GB. Seven of the eight products were certified on the Very Large Message Exchange Optional Profile.

Very Large Message Exchange capabilities positions the AS3 standard for use by industries looking to exchange large payloads. This optional profile testing included 500mg and 1G file exchange. AS3 (Applicability Statement 3) is the specification standard by which vendor applications communicate business documents (EDI or other data such as XML) over the Internet using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

“Developing software for Very Large Message exchange is not an easy endeavor – much less ensuring that it will exchange with other software,” says Rik Drummond, CEO Drummond Group. “This certification offers these software companies a very real distinction in the marketplace because more and more industries want interoperable large message exchange.”