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Drummond Group Announces Registration is Open for First AS4 Web Services Messaging Interoperability Test

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June 22, 2009, Austin, TX – Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), the trusted interoperability test lab, is announcing that registration is now open for the first Drummond Certified AS4 Interoperability test. The test will begin September 7, 2009. AS4 is an important new internet messaging standard that provides a standardized method for the secure and document-agnostic exchange of B2B payloads using Web Services. The Drummond Group interoperability testing for AS4 is based on a proven testing methodology developed to ensure that different products can work together to seamlessly exchange messaging. All testing is done over the Internet and can be done in the convenience of your own location.

AS4, an OASIS B2B messaging standard, is being finalized in the next few weeks by the OASIS ebXML Messaging Services Technical Committee. The intent and purpose of the formation of the AS4 subcommittee was the development of a Conformance Profile of the ebMS v3.0 specification. This profile provides guidance for a standardized methodology for the secure and document-agnostic exchange of B2B payloads using Web services. By constraining the ebMS v3.0 specification and the underlying WS-* specifications for messaging packaging, transport, security, and business non-repudiation, the profile focuses on providing an entry-level on-ramp for Web services B2B messaging. The profile development intent was to map the existing functional requirements currently satisfied by RFC4130 (AS2) onto the Web services platform.

Important Benefits of AS4:

  • *Message security governed by WS-Security specification along with support for payload compression
  • Support for an AS2-like business Non-Repudiation Receipt
  • Reception Awareness – just enough reliable messaging
  • x.509 security tokens for signing/encryption;additional support for username/password tokens for access to message pull channels
  • Support for AS2’s synchronous and asynchronous document push choreographies
  • Support for the ebMS v3 document pull choreography which is not available with AS2
  • Important for markets where 24×7 Internet connectivity and IP addressability is not available
  • Client can access multiple document pull channels (priority, document types, etc)
  • AS4 defines a “light client” for deployment to IT and cost challenged endpoints


For more information about the AS4 standard or the AS4 Interoperability test, please visit the Drummond Group website at or send an email to or phone 512-826-2938.

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