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Drummond Group Certifies 20 New AS2 Products

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SHA-2 to Enter AS2 Interoperability Testing in Early 2012

AUSTIN, TX—Dec. 14, 2011—Drummond Group Inc., the trusted interoperability test lab and certification body, today announced 20 AS2 products have completed the AS2-3Q11 Drummond Certified™ Interoperability test event. Companies demonstrating interoperability among their products included Axway, Cleo Communications, EXTOL International, Inc., GXS, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM, Liaison Technologies, /n software Inc., Oracle, SEEBURGER AG, SoftwareAG, TIBCO Software Inc., TRUBIQUITY and Welinksoft (Shanghai).

The SHA-2 (Secure Hashing Algorithm) optional profile was experimentally introduced in this test event as seven AS2 vendors participated in initial SHA-2 discussions and experimental testing. SHA-2 addresses the need for more secure hashing algorithms over SHA-1 (currently used in AS2). The request for adding SHA-2 is driven by government applications that use AS2 and may also require SHA-2, such as the CSOS (Controlled Substances Ordering Systems) standard in Europe and U.S. gas and energy industries. The SHA-2 optional profile cryptographic hash functions (SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512) testing will be formally introduced during the AS2 Interop scheduled during the first quarter in 2012.

The latest group of certified AS2 products represents companies from around the globe, including China, Taiwan, Germany, France and the United States, all of which have utilized the patented InSitu™ technology within the Drummond Certified™ program’s real-world test scenarios over the Internet, across different time zones and in an automatic, user-friendly and proven test process.

“Drummond Group has seen a growth in vendor participation in our AS2 testing as supply and logistics, global energy markets and online retailers join the industries utilizing the AS2 standard. We believe that continued interoperability certification amongst such a large group of AS2 vendors plays an important part in that growth and we commend the vendors for that commitment,” said Rik Drummond, CEO of Drummond Group. “SHA-2 has been requested by industry and government technical groups, and we are excited to expand the AS2 Interop to include this important level of security in the first quarter test next year.”

AS2 is one of the most widely recognized messaging standards for B2B e-commerce with thousands of implementations around the globe. It enables users to connect, deliver and reply to data securely and reliably, thereby delivering cost savings and providing flexibility and control on how the data is utilized. The Drummond Certified™ program provides numerous industries with a wide selection of software tested for compliance and interoperability that offers leading product features in a variety of prices.

As in prior test events, optional profiles also were included in this test event and included Certificate Exchange Management (CEM); Multiple Attachments (MA); Filename Preservation (FN); Filename Preservation for MA (FN-MA); Filename Preservation with MDN Error Responses for Duplicate Filenames (FN-MDN); AS2 Reliability; AS2 Restart and Chunked Transfer Encoding (CTE). To learn which AS2 products support specific optional profiles, and to learn more about the profiles, please visit the certified product list on our website.

For a complete list of the newly certified AS2-3Q11 products and registration information for upcoming tests, please visit:

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About AS2

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is the IETF RFC (4180) specification standard by which applications communicate all forms of data including EDI and XML over the Internet. Implementing AS2 with certified AS2 products enables users to connect, deliver and reply to data securely and reliably, saving money and adding flexibility and control on how the data is utilized or reported.

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