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Drummond Group Certifies 6 New ebMS 2.0 Secure Messaging Products

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Interoperability Test Round Ushers in New Products from Axway, Cleo Communications, GXS and IBM

AUSTIN, TX–Aug. 16, 2011–Drummond Group Inc., the trusted interoperability test lab, today announced that six software products successfully completed the Drummond Certified™ program’s ebMS 2.0 (ebXML Messaging Standard)-2Q11 interoperability testing. Companies that demonstrated interoperability among their products in the ebMS-2Q11 test round included Axway, Cleo Communications, GXS and IBM.

ebMS 2.0 is the messaging layer of the ebXML framework. ebXML Messaging is an OASIS standard which enables secure and reliable Internet data interchange and is complementary to emerging Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) and the AS4 standard. Interoperability certification of ebMS 2.0 products continues to be important in multiple industries including automotive, financial services, government and healthcare. Drummond Group has run ebMS 2.0 interoperability testing since 2001. The next generation ebMS 3.0 standard has a profile, AS4, which has also experienced development growth in recent years and is scheduled to be tested by the Drummond Certified™ program in early 2012.

“Certified interoperability heralds the arrival of the latest ebMS software products that have been stringently tested and, as a group, have successfully performed all test cases without error,” said Rik Drummond, DGI’s chief executive officer. “Ultimately, this enables unprecedented performance which provides global companies the opportunity to save time, money and frustration. We commend these companies for testing with competitors in order to better serve their customers and bringing interoperable software’s benefits to the mainstream.”

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