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Drummond Group Completes First Fully Automated AS1 Interoperability Certification

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Austin, TX — July 28, 2009 Drummond Group Inc., the trusted interoperability test lab, announced that six products from Axway, Inovis, /n software inc. and nuBridges Inc. have completed the AS1-2Q09 Interoperability certification. This test was the first fully automated AS1 testing using Drummond Group’s patented InSitu®automation technology. This technology allows the tester to automate the execution and evaluation of the AS1 test cases used for Interoperability testing including sending and receiving of AS1 messaging.

The amount of manual effort that was required before InSitu automation has been significantly reduced. Engineers do not have to be constantly monitoring and executing test cases manually and can now focus on solving interoperability issues. Furthermore, InSitu allows for multiple protocols to be tested at once. Drummond Group plans to offer AS1 and AS3 Interoperability testing concurrently starting in 2010.

“When we began interoperability testing, which required that all test cases be executed in a full-matrix fashion where each participant executes each test case as both sender and recipient with all other participants, the major pushback we received from the software vendors was the amount of work it would require,” says Rik Drummond, CEO Drummond Group Inc. and the InSitu patent author. “With the lessons learned from our automated AS2 Interop which exchanges some 40,000 messages among 20-25 products, we continue to InSitu-enable more interoperability test events at the requests of the participants. This AS1 test is our third test to be automated, joining AS2 and AS3. There is significant time, effort and related cost savings in using automation to achieve interoperability. It is a win-win for everyone.”

For specific AS1-2Q09 certification results, final report and registration information for upcoming tests, click here.

AS1(Applicability Statement 1) is the RFC standard (RFC3335) by which vendor applications communicate EDI or other business-to-business data (such as XML) over the Internet using SMTP, the standard used for email.

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