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Drummond Group Earns 2015 Edition Accreditations, Opens Doors to Testing and Certification

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Drummond Group LLC, a leading test lab and certification body, announced April 7, 2016 that it is fully accredited and ready to test and certify Electronic Health Records (EHR) to the new 2015 Edition Certification Criteria released by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC). This new certification criteria will support the requirement put forth by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Meaningful Use Incentive Program.

Drummond has earned accreditation from NVLAP and ANSI and is one of only three companies accredited to both test and certify Health IT. Accreditation is a rigorous process, and Drummond Group is proud to have achieved this significant milestone.

“This is certainly the most challenging criteria issued by the ONC,” said Kyle Meadors, President of Drummond Group. “The push to improve interoperability and enhance security is evident with more comprehensive and sophisticated test procedures and test tools, and the accreditation process reflected that. It has taken months of preparation and work, but the effort is worth the cost to achieve the expert competency our customers have come to expect from us.”

Clients may register now on the Drummond Group website to take advantage of a number of benefits exclusively offered by Drummond. Current clients who are certified to the 2014 Edition criteria have access to 2015 Edition Proctor Sheets and other technical documents. These proctor sheets are based on the requirements of the ONC Test Procedures and offer a clear vision for the functionality EHR vendors will need to achieve success in 2015 Edition Testing and Certification. A 5% discount is being offered to all vendors through April 30, 2016, for 2015 Edition registration.

Drummond also provides a free 2015 Edition Decision Guide to give clients a framework in choosing criteria that will best meet their business goals with Stage 3 Meaningful Use. A free, 1-hour exploratory conference call with an experienced test proctor offers another way for clients to experience Drummond Difference and forge a strong partnership in healthcare excellence. This is open to all EHR developers by contacting

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