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Drummond Group Intends to Apply to Test EHR

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Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) announced that, after months of consideration and a thorough review of the recently published NPRM on EHR Certification Programs, it will be applying to be an ONC-ATCB this year.

“The HHS and ONC have provided a historic EHR testing and certification framework.” says Rik Drummond, CEO Drummond Group. “The basic test criteria and test tools used will be used in every testing organization to ensure the same level of assurance and interoperability in EHR solutions. Complete EHRs or EHR Modules tested and certified by Drummond Group will be able to perfectly satisfy Meaningful Use requirements for the EHR Incentive Programs.”

Drummond Group is working on internal efforts to prepare for the EHR testing later this year. Those efforts will be metered by the progress at NIST and the ONC. To keep EHR vendors updated on the status of our certification program, Drummond Group has created an EHR blog. Drummond Group EHR Blog

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Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) is the trusted interoperability test lab that works with standards groups, software/firmware vendors and industry groups to drive adoption of standards by offering global interoperability and conformance testing, and certification. DGI facilitates these testing services under association-branded certification programs and its own Drummond Certified(R) program. DGI has tested over a thousand international software products used in vertical industries such as automotive, consumer product goods, healthcare, energy, financial services, government, petroleum, pharmaceutical and retail. Founded in 1999, DGI also represents best-of-breed in strategic interoperability consulting, recognizing the challenges of interoperability for industry over the product life cycle. For more information, please visit email