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Drummond Group Now Offering Virtual AS4 Training Starting June 15th

Austin, TX. May 13, 2009. Drummond Group, the trusted interoperability test lab, today announced their launch of “AS4 Bootcamp.” This instructor-led course enables Web services developers who are not familiar with B2B messaging standards to gain familiarity with the AS4 profile and the underlying ebMS 3.0 and WS-* specifications. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and hands-on lab exercises, students will learn the fundamentals necessary to design and develop robust and interoperable implementations of the AS4 profile. The AS4 profile is a new Web services B2B messaging standard that simplifies and standardizes the use of Web services platforms for the secure and reliable exchange of business document payloads.

Bootcamp topics will include:

  • AS4 messaging semantics,
  • Web services security such as XML Digital Signatures and Encryption,
  • AS4 messaging choreographies,
  • Message receipts and business non-repudiation,
  • Reliable messaging, and error handling/reporting.


Virtual Class starts June 15-25. The class will run Monday through Thursday with 2-1/2 – 3 hours of class per day with additional labs and homework required.

For more details on the course objectives and lesson modules

Fee is $2500 for class. Discounts are available for companies registering more than one student. If the company so chooses, the cost of entry into Drummond Group’s AS4 Interoperability certification will be reduced by the cost of the AS4 Bootcamp fees (applies for one interoperability test completed by 2010).

Questions? Please send email to or phone 512-826-2938.

The Drummond Certified AS4 Interoperability test is scheduled September 7th.

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