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Drummond Group ONC-ATCB Certified EHR Products Posted on HHS Certified Health IT Products List

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Drummond Group Inc, the trusted software test lab, announced today that the certified EHR products under their ONC-ATCB program are now posted on HHS’ Certified Health IT Products Listing (CHPL). Drummond Group Inc. was authorized by the HHS’ Office of the National Coordinator (ONC), as an Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ATCB) to perform complete and modular EHR Testing on August 30 and began testing September 20.

“Drummond Group has been testing and independently certifying software products for over ten years in other industries. In healthcare, HHS is the certification authority,” says Rik Drummond, CEO of Drummond Group. “Drummond Group is required by the final ruling to submit weekly reports to ONC on our tested and certified products, ONC then reviews, and posts those results on their Certified Health IT Products Listing.”

“ATCB’s are required by the final rule to use functionally equivalent test scripts to satisfy the stage one criteria set forth by the HHS Secretary to ensure consistency and accuracy across all products under this certification program,” continues Rik Drummond. “EHR software companies contacting us are interested in one thing: getting their products tested, certified, and listed on the CHPL to be eligible for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.”

Drummond Group’s EHR ONC-ATCB Program

About Drummond Group Inc.

Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) is the trusted software test lab which works with standards groups, software/firmware vendors and industry groups to drive adoption of standards by offering global interoperability, conformance testing and certification. DGI facilitates these testing services under association-branded certification programs and its own Drummond Certified(R) program. Founded in 1999, DGI also represents best-of-breed in strategic interoperability testing recognizing the challenges of interoperability for industry over the product life cycle.

  • DGI provides interoperability certification for M2M or business-to-business (B2B) standards which are used for the Fortune 500 financial information flow, representing billions of dollars per year. Cyber security of data transfer is critically tested.
  • DGI manages the Kantara Initiative Global Interoperability Test Program for Identity information exchange for the US government and the other global leaders in identity.
  • DGI facilitates software audits of the Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) software managed in compliance with the DEA regulations.
  • Drummond Certified(R) software and firmware is required in RFP’s around the globe to ensure seamless, secure, interoperable products which make implementation easy, thereby significantly reducing costs.
  • DGI was recently awarded two Department of Energy stimulus funded Smart Grid demonstration projects. DGI’s role in both projects relates to the interoperability and certification of Smart Grid technology.