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eBusinessReady Certifies Six Software Products for ebXML Messaging Interoperability

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Test Round Delivers Industry-Specific Functionality

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ — January 19, 2005  eBusinessReady®, an industry-neutral software testing program under joint partnership of the Uniform Code Council, Inc.® (UCC®) and Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), announced today that six software products from six solution providers successfully completed the program’s ebXML-3Q04 interoperability testing. This test round included a series of functionality tests for those participants within the automotive and health-care industries.

Industry-specific functionality within this ebXML test round included:

  • A data compression test profile, as recommended by the Standards for Technology in AutomotiveRetail (STAR) Transport Guidelines.
  • An ebMS profile of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Public Health Information Network Messaging System (PHIN MS)
  •  A profile covering Health Level 7 (HL7) version 2 and version 3 messages in accordance with the HL7 Transport Specification ebXML – Release 1 (Draft Standard for Trial Use).

HL7 is a widely supported standards developing organization focusing on clinical and administrative healthcare. The CDC’s PHIN program enables consistent exchange of response, health and disease tracking data between public health partners.

Companies demonstrating interoperability among their products included Cleo Communications, Cyclone Commerce, Inovis, Oxlo Systems Inc., Sterling Commerce, and webMethods, Inc.

“Since 1999, DGI has tested and certified hundreds of software products to support an interoperable global marketplace with a variety of standards,” said Rik Drummond, DGI’s chief executive officer. “We are pleased to see a continued growth of cross-industry adoption of the

ebXML standard. Now, more companies can embrace the benefits and values that eBusinessReady certification delivers to manufacturers and retailers in the automotive, health- care and public health industries.”

An eBusinessReady certified product enables vertical and horizontal interoperability across the supply chain and distribution channels. ebXML Messaging is a key standard that enables Web services, providing secure and reliable messaging for business-to-business communications. The companies underwent testing to demonstrate that their ebXML messaging software products complied with a common level of interoperability, enabling them to effectively communicate with other eBusiness solutions, eliminating costly communication obstacles and facilitating efficient trading partner relationships.

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