We are pleased to announce that Drummond Group is on track to complete certification with GS1 on our EPCIS Conformance Testing Portal which is a critical component of the GS1 US Rx EPCIS Conformance Testing Program. Drummond Group, whose EPCIS practice is led by Aaron Gomez, has been preparing for more than a year for the launch of this DSCSA-focused conformance program.

Drummond Group would also like to announce its participation in the HDA 2018 Traceability Seminar being held October 17 to 19, 2018 at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel.  Aaron Gomez and Patrick Paschall, Supply Chain Business Unit Lead Auditor, will both be in attendance and are looking forward to meeting other HDA attendees during the networking breakouts at the HDA 2018 Traceability Seminar. 

We all look forward to the increased efficiency, safety, and reliability that the DSCSA GS1 EPCIS will bring to the pharmaceutical supply chain.  To learn more about Drummonds EPCIS 1.2 testing service,  please view the archive of the EPCIS Webinar Drummond Group presented on Oct 10, 2018, or join us live on November 7, 2018, so that we can answer any questions you may have. Register here.