Press Release

Five Products are Drummond Certified for AS1 Interoperability

Austin, TX — July 1, 2008 — Today, Drummond Group Inc, the global leader in eBusiness and eGovernment software testing and certification, announces that five products from Axway, Inovis and nuBridges, Inc. have completed the AS1-2Q08 Interoperability certification. When implemented, AS1 enables users to connect, deliver and reply to data securely and reliably over Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) or email.

During the test, the participating products-with-version are required to exchange test messages with each other and to verify the validity of each transaction. The test messages cover the full scope of the AS1 standard, which includes digital signatures, encryption and receipts, as well as data compression.

“Drummond Group commends these software vendors for their hard work and effort in passing this software interoperability certification,” says Rik Drummond, CEO of Drummond Group Inc. “These vendors have certified their products for many consecutive years now and their effort has engendered a community of AS1 interoperability which benefits themselves and their users.”

For specific AS1-2Q08 certification results, final report and registration information for upcoming tests, click here.