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IT Governance

Structure. Execute. Measure.

The Drummond Group can provide consulting and guidance to organizations that wish to take their risk analysis processes to the next level. Our subject matter experts can help you find the governance tools that meet the needs of your business and fit your budget.

Service Highlights

Policy Writing Assistance

Drummond Group SME’s can assist your organization with documenting policies that fit the regulatory, best practice, or standards that achieve your organization’s goals and objectives.

Organizational Review and Structuring

Drummond Group SME’s have an average of 15 years’ experience in IT or security roles within organizations. They have the ability to review organizational structures for improvement or concerns related to separation of duty, appropriate skills or certifications, or re-alignment of duties to take advantage of cross-training. The Drummond Group SME is also available to define or design new job types that are needed to stay current with the newest industry trends.

Process Documentation & Improvement

Drummond Group SME’s can assist you with documenting your procedures to ensure consistency and reliability in process performance. Drummond Group SME’s can also evaluate IT processes to eliminate waste, take advantage of skill overlaps and cross-training, and build competitive advantage.

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