Meet your Certification Program Manager: Jodi Gonzalez

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What sets Drummond apart from the competition? Time after time, interview after interview, customer after customer, the answer is, “its people.” We kept hearing awesome stories about how excited people were to meet their Account Managers/Test Proctors in person, how cool it was to finally engage with this person who had been your partner through the rigorous process of obtaining compliance. And we thought, “you know, you shouldn’t have to wait for a conference to meet your Account Manager.” So we created this series, to help you to get to know the People of Drummond a little better.

Meet your Certification Program Manager:


Jodi Gonzalez



Q: Tell us about a great client interaction?

A: One thing that was cool for me was at the ONC meeting December 2017. Tim (a Drummond Group Test Lab Manager) introduced me to Glenn Jenkins of Allscripts. Tim had been their proctor for a very long time. At the time we met, they were deep in the trenches of adopting the 2015 standard. We’re all kind of feeling the edition out and figuring out what we need to do, and it’s a very intense time. It turns out Glenn lives less than five miles from me, even though he’s listed as Chicago for the business. He’s not only my client; he’s my neighbor. We have the same local community; we’re in this together. It’s led to a more casual, collaborative, interactive relationship, knowing we’re that close.

Q: What about this business inspires you?

A: When I go to my doctors, I ask them, “what system do you use?” and as soon as they tell me, I go check and see if we’ve certified them. And if we have, I feel much better about my personal interaction with my doctors. My doctors have my chart with Epic and MyChart. Knowing that we’re behind the software my doctor uses makes me feel that my doctor is behind me, as a patient. I know how hard we at Drummond work to make a difference in this industry, to be the leader, not just for market share, but because we take it seriously. We are representative not just of Drummond Group, but of our clients, and everyone in the country who uses an EHR, to trust they get the best care. When providers use our surveillance, we are touching everyone who uses healthcare. We are making sure that people get the information they deserve, and that they should have. We do more than just check the boxes; we make sure that not just our clients are ok, but that their providers are ok and so their clients are ok — and those clients are you and me.

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