Meet your Client Engagement Manager!

What sets Drummond apart from the competition? Time after time, interview after interview, customer after customer, the answer is, “its people.” We kept hearing awesome stories about how excited people were to meet their Account Managers/Test Proctors in person, how cool it was to finally engage with this person who had been your partner through the rigorous process of obtaining compliance. And we thought, “you know, you shouldn’t have to wait for a conference to meet your Account Manager.” So we created this series, to help you to get to know the People of Drummond a little better.

Meet your Client Engagement Manager:

Tracy LaRue

Q: What does a Client Engagement Manager do?

A: I put people where they need to be. I get them started on the right foot, then the proctor takes over and refines that with them. For instance, one client was super nervous and anxious about the process, which, it is sometimes a stressful undertaking. You could hear the tone in his voice, super stressed. “What do I do, how do I do it?” And he kept interrupting me as I tried to explain it to him. So I said, “So tell me something. Do you have a cold drink on your desk? Why don’t you grab onto that, sit back in your chair, sip your drink, and listen to the sound of my voice?” and from there, he let me convey the info he needed, without the tension. We were able to get to the end and he felt much better, and that felt great.


Q: In your opinion, what sets Drummond apart?

A: Nobody has the decision guide approach we do. It’s an interactive spreadsheet (Decision Guide to 2015 Edition) that we share with each client. 75% of people who get their hands on it say, “I wish I’d seen this 6 months ago.” (Editor’s note: See our upcoming blog about Decision Guide creator Kyle Meadors).


Are you ready to work with real people, who care about your business and are engaged with your success? Then you’re ready to work with the People of Drummond. Learn more and contact us: Health IT Services & Testing