Meet your Test Lab Manager: Tim Bennett

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Meet your Test Lab Manager!

What sets Drummond apart from the competition? Time after time, interview after interview, customer after customer, the answer is, “its people.” We kept hearing awesome stories about how excited people were to meet their Account Managers/Test Proctors in person, how cool it was to finally engage with this person who had been your partner through the rigorous process of obtaining compliance. And we thought, “you know, you shouldn’t have to wait for a conference to meet your Account Manager.” So we created this series, to help you to get to know the People of Drummond a little better.

Meet your Test Lab Manager:

Tim Bennett



Q: What’s your goal in being an Account/Test Lab Manager?

A: The distinguishing part of who we were when we were starting out was that we cared about our clients. We cared that they succeeded in certification. We have a responsibility to ensure that our clients are compliant to the regs, but you are our customer, and we want you to be successful. Your success is important to us. You’re not getting a free ride, but we’re going to help you be successful. Our plan is that by the time you get to the test, it’ll be a slamdunk for you. We want that for you. We’re going to partner with you on your success.


Q: What’s a happy memory of your years in this field?

A: At HIMSS 2017; I was doing a joint presentation with HIMSS and the CDC on the IIP project in the interop showcase. HealthFusion, one of the very first vendors I tested personally, back in 2010 found out I was doing this presentation, and they came down and found me. It was our first face-to-face meeting, and they sought me out! It was really great.

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