2014 Electronic Health Records

Health IT Testing Registration


Choose "I am making changes to my Certified Software" if: Attesting to CHANGE in Certified EHR Product Adding or Retesting Modules to a Previously Certified Product Certification ONLY based on evaluation results from another ATL Quarterly adaptation and/or Update


Product Information


Type the name of the certification body responsible for the previous certification

This is an estimated test date for our calendar. Scheduled test date(s) may be changed later.


Administrative Contact
This person is the primary point of contact and is responsible for the overall relationship and commitment of resources.

Accounts Payable Contact
This person will be the recipient of invoices. 


Module Testing and Certification Options

Check each module to be certified, including GAP inheritable modules. A form will be completed later in the process requesting inheritance of unmodified, eligible modules.

GAP – Indicates criterion is eligible for Gap Certification where a 2015 Edition certified product could potentially inherit 2014 Edition certified criteria without additional testing. 

Your selection of C Modules above requires you to choose an appropriate amount of CQMs below.  

Please review the CQM List for reference.

Utilization criteria are required for certain modules. Please see the DG 2014 Edition FAQ for more details. Note: If appropriate Utilization criteria are not selected in registration as required by other chosen criteria, they will still be tested per the ONC Final Rule.


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