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The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) Positioned for Significant Global Adoption

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Second Data Pool Certification Event Concludes

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, October 25, 2005 – GS1 GDSN, Inc. announced today that twenty-six Data Pools and the GS1 Global RegistryTM successfully passed the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) Interoperability Certification test. The GDSN, supported by GS1, leading companies and industry groups worldwide, is a global, Internet-based initiative that enables retailer and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturer trading partners to quickly and efficiently exchange supply chain data that is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with the universally supported GS1 System of standards. By synchronising data in the GDSN, companies quickly realise benefits such as reduced shipping errors, lower transportation costs, faster speed to market for new products, and fewer out-of-stocks.

The GDSN Interoperability Certification event began 27 June 2005, and was conducted by Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), a leading interoperability and conformance testing company. For a data pool to be successful in the certification process, the company had to demonstrate full interoperability with all other participating data pools and the GS1 Global RegistryTM V 2.0 using DGI’s Interoperability Compliance Process®, a robust interoperability methodology. Data pools were measured against a set of development standards established by GDSN, as well as test plans and criteria defined by DGI. DGI administered the testing in a neutral, cooperative and non-competitive environment and maintained strict vendor neutrality to assure integrity of the testing process.

“We are pleased to see that the number of certified data pools has increased by almost three times from the 2004 certification event. Sixteen of the twenty-six data pools are GS1 country Member Organisations, a clear sign of the global market need for GDSN compliant data synchronisation”, said Miguel Angel Lopera, CEO of GS1. “This represents significant progress in the last 10 months.”

The data pools that have successfully completed the 2005 GDSN Interoperability Certification test are:

  • 1SYNCTM (formerly Transora), 1SYNCTM (formerly Transora) Item Management (IM) Release 5.2
  • 1SYNCTM (formerly UCCnet), 1SYNCTM (formerly UCCnet) Data Pool Services Release 3.0
  • Big Hammer Data Services, Big Hammer Data Services Product Registry v1.1
  • Click Commerce, Inc., Click Commerce Data Pool v3.0
  • Commport Communications International, Inc., COMMPORT GLOBAL
  • SYNCHRONIZATION Datapool Services (CGS) v2.0, release 1.1
  • GS1 Argentina, Data.Cod v1.1
  • GS1net Australiasia v1.0
  • GS1 Canada, GS1 Canada Data Pool v6.0
  • GS1 Colombia, CABASnet v3.0
  • GS1 France, Parangon v2.0
  • GS1 Hong Kong, GS1 HK Data Pool v6.0
  • GS1 Russia, RusDP1 Data Pool v6.0
  • GS1 Slovakia, E-katalog Data Pool v6.0
  • GS1 Spain, AECOC Data Pool v6.0
  • GS1 Taiwan, GDSN Service (GS1 Taiwan Data Pool) v6.0
  • GS1 UK, GS1 UK Data Pool v6.0
  • GS1 Venezuela, Sincronet v3.0
  • GXS, Data Pool Manager v6.0
  • Inovis USA, Inc., Inovis GDS DirectorTM v1.0
  • GS1 MEMA, MEMA Data Pool v6.0
  • ParaRede TI, Clarinet v3.0
  • Soft Solutions, ibs DataSync v6.0
  • Sterling Commerce, Sterling Data Pool Services v1.0
  • WorldWide Retail Exchange, WWRE WorldSYNC DX Release v4.0

Several of the above companies are solution providers that offer outsourced data pool services to GS1 Member Organisations, data pools and corporations. Member Organisations such as GS1 Netherlands, GS1 Germany, GS1 Finland, GS1 Denmark, and GS1 Austria offer GDSN-certified data pool services via a 2005 certified solution provider.

“The GDSN vision is a reality and GDSN, Inc. in partnership with all certified data pools is serving the growing membership,” said Sally A. Herbert, President GS1 GDSN, Inc. “The GDSN currently has over 475 subscribing companies and approximately 500,000 items registered. GDSN, Inc. recently launched a global User Group that will allow us to identify global business requirements and introduce new functionality more rapidly.This forum will make it easier for users and GS1 Member Organisations to get engaged.”

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