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Vulnerability Management

We know that effective risk management relies on effective technical controls. From the security of your data and its handling to the value of monitoring and reporting intelligence, our solutions reflect best in class, industry leaders.

Qualys VM is a cloud service that gives you immediate, global visibility into where your IT systems might be vulnerable to the latest Internet threats and how to protect them. It helps you to continuously secure your IT infrastructure and comply with internal policies and external regulations.

Why Qualys?

Built on the world’s leading Cloud security and compliance platform, Qualys VM frees you from the substantial cost, resource and deployment issues associated with traditional software products. Known for its fast deployment, unparalleled accuracy and scalability, as well as its rich integration with other enterprise systems, Qualys VM is relied upon by thousands of organizations throughout the world.

Service Highlights


Revolutionize both security & compliance with the industry’s most integrated, scalable and extensible Cloud platform.


Uncover forgotten devices and organize your host assets according to their role in your business.


Scan for vulnerabilities everywhere (perimeter, internal networks, Amazon EC2) – accurately and efficiently.


Identify the highest business risks using trend analysis, Zero-Day and Patch impact predictions.


Monitor vulnerabilities over time, assign tickets, and manage exceptions.


Customize comprehensive reports to document progress for IT, business executives and auditors.

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